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Hi, my name is Brenden. Thank you for visiting my website, Good Sports Rock.

I’m 12 years old. I play hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, golf and flag football.....I really love sports.

When I was 10 years old, after a very close hockey game, my team lost the game. When it came time to shake hands with the other team, most of the other teams players wouldn’t shake our hands. To me, their poor sportsmanship was worse than losing the game.

When I told this story to my Grandma, she said that I should figure out how to promote good sportsmanship.

After many different tries, I designed a bracelet myself and am really happy with my message that “Good Sports Rock!” The bracelet is a reminder that being a good sport is more important than winning. This is how “Good Sports Rock” with the hands coming toward each other came about.
Help me spread the message that "Good Sports Rock," by placing an order for some bracelets.


Good Sports Rock is a proud partner with Special Olympics Arizona. A portion of all sales donated to Special Olympics Arizona

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